Thriving Devotional - March 28, 2020

Good News: We Are Not In Control!

When I wake up each day, I have to remind myself that the Coronavirus phenomenon is really happening (even though sometimes it seems like a dream). Most of us have found ourselves in a very different rhythm of life, probably including more down-time (or at least the opportunity for it).

For some extroverts, our quarantine lifestyle is driving us crazy. (Is this where “tree-hugging” comes from?) For introverts things may not seem quite so dire, but we can only take so much. Some may be seriously contemplating a switch to extroversion…

In either case, welcome or not, you are probably slowing down in one way or another – which gives us an opportunity to think about Sabbath. The “rest” we’re currently experiencing is a disruption that’s been forced upon us. In a way, Sabbath – as God intends it – can feel like a disruption too… until we start to experience it as the gift that it is. Sabbath is, among other things, the invitation (yes, a commanded invitation) to stop and admit that we are not in control. What a relief!

Let that be our refrain this weekend: We are not in control, we are not in control, thank God Almighty we are not in control.

My blog posts this week, starting Monday, will be about Sabbath and what it means for us. Our present situation may be just what we need to (re)discover this precious gift. In the meantime, here is a wonderful resource from our friends at The Bible Project about the Sabbath:

May God bless you to be a blessing this weekend!

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Bob Jacobs is Pastor of Westminster Church, Rapid City. He shares a deep commitment to see our community thrive in love for one another, especially in trying times like these. If you're interested in more of Bob's writings, check out his personal blog at

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